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Total Wellness Supplements

Total wellness

Dr. Hunter did not endorse any supplements until 2006 when she was introduced to Wellness International (WIN) Supplements by another surgeon.

WIN goes above and beyond by manufacturing their supplements with the same standards as for prescription medication.

This means that Wellness products are pure, with their packaging and warnings as mandadated by the FDA.

WIN's line of weight-loss products are designed to improve metabolism and build lean muscle mass for lasting fat loss.

In addition, the Phyto-Vite, Omega 3 and fitness products including ProXtreme, BioLean, Sure2Endure and MassAppeal are all on the Olympic White List -- cleared for use by top international athletes. Top athletes use Wellness supplements in their training regimes.

Weight Loss

Click here purchase BioLean II®

BioLean II®

Get a jump start on your healthy lifestyle with BioLean II, an ephedra-free formulation that can help curb your cravings, promote energy and satisfy your appetite. Combine with Accelerator and LipoTrim for increased results.

Click here purchase BioLean Free®

BioLean Free®

This formulation is designed to control your appetite and cravings, and increases the body’s ability to convert substances such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates into heat energy. At the same time, BioLean Free promotes energy and helps stimulate metabolism and energy levels naturally. Combine with Accelerator and LipoTrim for increased results.

Click here purchase Accelerator™


Boost your current routine with Accelerator! Accelerator works by extending the heat-generating actions of BioLean II and BioLean Free. It also prolongs their adaptogenic and thermogenic properties while adding powerful restorative properties.

Click here purchase LipoTrim™


The unique ingredients in LipoTrim make it an effective addition to any weight management program. Promote optimal weight loss - trim, slim and discover a new you! Garcinia cambogia extract and chromium help to reduce the rate of lipogenesis and assist in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, especially when used in conjunction with either BioLean or BioLean Free.


Click here purchase Sure2Endure™


With its innovative blend of ciwujia, vitamins, minerals and herbs, Sure2Endure is designed to prolong and enhance your workout. Fuel your workout…naturally with Sure2Endure.

Click here purchase Winrgy®


Having trouble getting started in the morning? Winrgy is an ideal energizer during stressful activities, while travelling long distances, or any time peak performance is needed.

Sport and Fitness

Click here purchase Mass Appeal™

Mass Appeal™

Increase lean muscle mass and enhance your workouts with the vital combination of ingredients in Mass Appeal. By reducing lactic acids and ammonia levels that typically occur with vigorous exercise, this compound also lessens muscle soreness. Power up your performance today with Mass Appeal.

Click here purchase ProXtreme™


Protein is essential in supporting your muscles and keeping your body in balance. Not only can it enhance immune function, it helps promote increased muscle mass and healthy weight loss.

Click here purchase Flexibility®


The various tissues that make up our joints are not only vulnerable to the wear and tear of everyday living, but also to a lack of proper nutritional support and exercise. Help maintain the integrity of your joints and connective tissue with Flexibility.

Optimal Health

Click here purchase Phyto-Vite®


Phyto-Vite contains an advanced umbrella of nutritional support, including a blend of antioxidant nutrients, assisting your body in coping with daily environmental and lifestyle stresses. The ingredients found in this ultimate multi-vitamin will help you be more energized and invigorated… more full of life.

Click here purchase Protector®


Taking care of your immune system is essential for optimum wellness. Protector is a nutritional supplement that combines specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids recognized as important for the health of areas associated with the human immune system.

Sexual Health

Click here purchase Lovpill™


Everyday challenges, stress and low energy can affect your sexual drive, energy and enjoyment. Most internal energy comes from the sexual system, so it is important to keep these areas healthy and functioning well. Improve your overall quality of life as well as your love life with Lovpil, a natural formula proven to help those areas connected with sexual function.

Click here purchase Feminine®


A woman’s body needs special nutrients that help it prepare for the various changes it experiences. Whether it’s getting ready for mid-life changes, dealing with unpleasant feelings each month or simply maintaining a feeling of overall wellness, Feminine contains essential vitamins and minerals that play important roles in the female body.

Click here purchase Masculine®


As men age, changes take place in their bodies that may disrupt the delicate hormonal balance. This could result in decreased sexual activity, a decline in the production of testosterone and other issues. Masculine provides a natural, effective way to support the male body.

Mental Performance

Click here purchase Clarity®


We’ve all had lack of concentration or forgetfulness. As we get older, these instances may happen more often than not. Clarity contains tissue proteins in the form of nutrients important to memory and concentration, thereby enhancing cognitive performance in healthy adults.

Click here purchase DHEA Plus™

DHEA Plus™

DHEA Plus is a rejuvenating blend of select herbs which supplement your body’s naturally produced DHEA levels, known to decline with age. By supplementing with DHEA Plus, you can maintain a youthful disposition and improve your overall health.

Click here purchase WINOmeg3complex™


Achieve optimal health with WINOmeg3complex. Our high concentration formula contains a desirable balance of essential fatty acids and undergoes an enzyme process and two molecular distillations to ensure the removal of PCBs, dioxins, mercury and other heavy metals. Support and promote your overall health with our high-quality omega-3 supplement, WINOmeg3complex.